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A draft legislation was put forward to the Parliament to reinforce the prohibition of the purchase of sexual services from a victim of human trafficking, whether or not the sex buyer was aware of the circumstances of the prostituted person (Cyprus Mail, February 27, 2017). Yet, mentalities remain hostile to this proposed approach. In 2016, during a meeting of the Committee of Human Rights, a Member of Parliament labelled the sex buyer as a victim of prostitution: “In the situation of the sexual exploitation of a woman, the man (…) is also a victim. He comes, he pays and we take his money”. This Member of Parliament was not the first representative of the state to make such public declarations. In March 2015, a conservative Member of Parliament declared being a sex buyer of prostitution and gave arguments in favour of the regulation of prostitution, which he considered a « profession »1. Following this episode, the Ombudswomen Eliza Savvidou publicly denounced the complacency of a large part of the Cypriot society towards such behaviours (Cyprus Mail, March 12, 2016).