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In Sweden, the point of contact for issues concerning the fight against human trafficking is the Ministry for Integration and Gender Equality. Indeed, sex trafficking is considered one of the worst forms of violence towards women (Government offices of Sweden, May 4, 2016). So, since the ministry’s formation in 2014, the government has established numerous distinct measures against domestic violence and other forms of violence towards women. These measures and their financing make it possible to combine and, therefore, strengthen the means to fight against sexual exploitation.

Thus a budget of SEK 1.3 billion (USD 135,03 million) is planned for the period of 2017-2020 to support efforts to fight violence against women. More specifically, the government has given up to SEK 425 million (USD 44,14 million) in funding for 2015-2019 to aid women’s shelters that also help human trafficking victims. The government has also committed to implementing 20 new measures recommended by the National coordinator on Domestic Violence (Government offices of Sweden, November 2016).