Organized crime today holds a predominant place in sexual exploitation in the UK. The need to adapt to police methods has led criminal organisations to change their modus operandi in the field of sexual exploitation. While street prostitution still exists, it represents today only a minor aspect of the sex industry, whose main activity takes place indoors. Pop-up brothels, “temporary” venues for prostitution, have progressively multiplied throughout the country. They have become the operating model most often used by traffickers, who move their victims from a private property to another (rented apartments or houses, hotel rooms...) in order to avoid police detection and to maintain the most coercive control over the women they exploit, by disorienting and isolating them ever more (APPG, May 2018). Henceforth, their watchword is: movement. Creating a dynamic to never stay for too long in the same place, changing location and young girls to reduce the risks of detection, these are the new techniques used by procurers.

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