The sexual exploitation market continues to grow up

    a system of violence and exploitation

    which increasingly affects minors

    Never have there been so many factors of vulnerability and so many exploitations in a context of migration crisis and the development of organised crime

    new technologies, vectors of sexual exploitation

    Used to recruit, buy, and sell, new technologies are nowadays one of the main vectors for the growth of sexual exploitation.

    20 million victims worldwide,

    200 000 prostituted persons in Germany,
    40 000 in France

    What is the impact of legislation on the development of the sex industry?

  • Prostitution is neither work, nor sex.

    It is the commodification of human beings.

    It is the outrageous exploitation of the bodies of women,

    children, and an increasing amount of men.



    the 5th Global Report of the Scelles Foundation will give you the knowledge to reflect on the most current issues of a criminal phenomenon that is, above all, an injustice

    and which can only be fought with the help of all.

    Through the situation in thirty-five countries and eleven topical issues, the lessons to be drawn from the cruel observation that this report presents relate both to the universality of exploitation, to the trivialisation of prostitution, which is increasingly perceived as one market among others, and to the growth of a market with profits multiplied by the misuse of the prodigious facilities offered by the Internet.

    • In the context of the migration crisis and the liberation of speech generated by the #MeToo movement in different parts of the world, what can we say about sexual exploitation today?
    • What new trends have emerged?
    • What answers do our societies provide?
    • What does this Global Report on Sexual Exploitation in 2018 tell us?
  • the 5th global report in figures

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    Thematic Analyses

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    Countries on Focus

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    Types of information sources

  • FAQ

    1 / Why a Global report on the system of prostitution?

    Prostitution is a global and cross-border phenomenon that needs to be understood in its entirety, through a wide panel of countries and themes. The multiplicity of the approached topics thus contribute to the debate in France and elsewhere, and allow the emergence of new avenues for reflection.

    2 / What is the Global report?

    An information tool. Through analysis of countries and themes linked with the latest news, the Global report aims to draw the global trends of sexual exploitation phenomena (sexual tourism, prostitution, human trafficking, and pornography).

    3 / What is the utility of Fondation Scelles’ Global report?

    To perceive the reality, or more accurately, realities of commercial sexual exploitation today and to estimate the threat this phenomenon poses in our societies.

    4 / What is the system of prostitution?

    Prostitution is a system of violence, structured primarily by the joint action of procurers and sex buyers who provoke and demand the enslavement of people, most often women and children, but also men.

    5 / What are the evolutions of sexual exploitation since the first four reports?

    Today, sexual exploitation is a huge global market: prostituted persons are larger in number and younger, methods of exploitation are enriched by the development of new technologies and are thus constantly being improved, furthermore exploiters have become more ‘innovative’ and ambitious.

    6 / Why fight against the system of prostitution?

    Because prostitution is one form of violence and the exploitation of the most vulnerable of our societies.

    7/ How is the Fondation’s Global report produced?

    We work with field NGOs and international experts who give us information, reports, and enrich our analysis with their remarks and experiences.

    8/ Are there other reports of this kind?

    The Global report is one of a kind. There is no other information tool on these kinds of phenomena that gives this global yet immediate and current vision.

    9/ Do efficient means to combat prostitution exist?

    Lines of actions are developing: professional trainings, prevention among vulnerable publics, deterrence of demand, criminalization of the purchase of sexual acts, and above all awareness-raising of the public and political decision-makers to favor understanding.

    10/ Are the report’s data reliable?

    Writers work in close collaboration with field NGOs and experts. They also use all the documentary resources available at the International Observatory on Sexual Exploitation: the international press review, institutional reports, NGOs observations, blogs. All data are systematically cross-checked.