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The prostitution of minors has undergone a worrying development. The number of suspected cases of prostituted minors is increasing significantly according to Child Focus’ annual report. In 2016, the numbers reported a significant increase. More often than not, these cases involved runaways, which have consistently been on the rise. The 2017 report confirms this trend with 1,151 records of runways (Child Focus, 2016 and 2017). Furthermore, there is also a steady increase in victims of blackmail of a sexual nature. The number of “sextortion” cases, or the extortion of selfies and videos of sexual nature with the threat of being leaked, has been increasing. This blackmail is characterized as an abuse of power over vulnerable individuals. Figures attest to an increase in this type of offence between 2015 and 2016, rising from 17 to 41 cases (Child Focus, 2016).