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Due to the largely clandestine nature of the sex industry in Cambodia, it is difficult to establish precise figures on the exact number of persons implicated in prostitution. According to UNAIDS, there were 34,000 prostituted people in Cambodia in 2017. The proportion of prostituted minors in commercial sex establishments in three Cambodian cities decreased from 8.2 % in 2013 to 2.2% in 2015 (US Department of State, June 2016). According to another report published by the Cambodian Ministry of Health in 2006, close to 6,000 prostituted persons operated in a “direct” manner (in brothels) and more than 26,000 prostituted persons operated in an “indirect” manner (in massage parlors as well as in entertainment centers like Beer Gardens, karaoke clubs, cabarets, bars, and restaurants) (Human Rights Watch, July 2010). Vietnamese women make up the majority of people involved in the sex industry in Cambodia.